How I Can Help

For over thirty years I have been a licensed psychotherapist and an educational consultant in the Kansas City area. I have presented in Germany, Ethiopia, and Italy, specializing in ADHD, addiction, anxiety, depression, sexuality, trauma, and parenting. I work with individuals, couples, families, corporations as well as facilitating support groups. All ages are welcome, even little adults, and big children. Together we can foster post-traumatic growth, learn hope-management, cultivate spiritual grounding, while developing a language of comfort to make now better so that later is easier.

Who Can Benefit From Therapy?

Never define problems in un-solvable terms. Who amongst us couldn’t benefit from listening, learning, and understanding our feelings and life from a more compassionate perspective. Life presents numerous challenges, and experiences hardwire your brain in ways that are not in our best interest. How you respond to these events either helps you, hurts you, or you remain neutral. We learn from what hurts us the most, so denial and avoidance is just as harmful as mishandling our emotions and thoughts. Patterns of behaviors and beliefs that once worked can be the very thing that keeps you from living fully in the moment. Therapy can transform these situations into an opportunity for growth. It is a chance to deconstruct unhealthy thought patterns, and create space for new behaviors and emotional renovation.

Therapy can help:

If you are experiencing:

  • Loss from death, divorce or separation
  • Trauma from abuse, neglect, overindulgence
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting frustrations
  • Social, emotional, and academic struggles
  • Anxiety, panic, depression
  • Career decisions
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, toxic religion
  • Sexual frustrations

If you are feeling stuck:

  • Know that stuckness is a developmental arrest
  • Most stuckness comes from forces of the past
  • In the past, we learned ways to resist that might have helped us feel safe, but now fossilize us in patterns that no longer encourage growth
  • Stuckness = Rigidity - The answer is flexibility

If you are routinely disappointed by life:

  • You struggle to find joy in your daily living
  • You are consumed by fear or worry
  • There are parts of your life that feel confusing or frustrating
  • You are discontent with where life has taken you

Therapy can make now better so that later is easier. It can help restore within us a basic faith in ourselves and others, while we’re still growing and learning. What is the most private to you, is the most common to everybody. Learning to care for yourself in a way that might seem foreign, is the discomfort we must tolerate in order to change the trajectory of our inner world. In fact you might end up having a real nice life.

What Can You Expect From Therapy?

You can expect that I will meet you on your map of development. I will be an active participant in your exploration, healing and growth. I won’t tippy toe around important issues, carefully listening and understanding you from your point of view. We will construct new pathways in your mind to travel and experience, closing down the same old warmed over dialogue, that I’m sure even you are tired of. Through therapy you can learn to trust your own instinctual data, building upon your individual strengths, not magnifying all your weaknesses. I will support and walk with you through the negative feelings or hardships that you’ve had to endure. We will develop a language of comfort that helps you learn to enjoy the journey, not just the results. There truly is another side.

Insurance accepted. Rates determined on a sliding scale.